Madison City Schools: All students must re-enroll by July 10

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MADISON, Ala. - On Wednesday, Madison City School officials discussed the re-enrollment process for all students. New or old, all students must re-enroll for next school year.

The school system says they've noticed an increase in students who live outside of the school zone and therefore, need to get their over-crowding under control.

"As we grow larger, the number grows significantly larger and ultimately, that is a burden on the citizens and taxpayers of Madison," said Superintendent, Robby Parker.

Last year, Madison city students were required to re-enroll, but this year, Parker says they want it to be very thorough.

"It is just a way that we can be more accountable to our taxpayers that we are using every dollar toward the education of their children," said Parker.

Madison City Board of Education President, Ranae Bartlett says over the last school year there could have been as many as 100 students living out of zone.

"There were students who had false or forged documents, lease documents, utility documents, that allowed them entry into our school system," said Bartlett. "Some had established a temporary residence that was never intended to be a permanent residence."

Parker says they don't know the exact number of students who live out of zone, but they do know how much it could potentially cost.

"Madison City Schools pays $9,236 per student," said Parker. "The local burden from the city of Madison is about $2,800 per child."

In an effort to keep up with the verification process, the schools system says there will be dedicated staff to do spot checks and other measures to remain vigilant.

The re-enrollment process will be open June 1-July 10. Parents can re-enroll through the Madison City Schools website.