If you’re a makeup guru, give the Silisponge a try

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This squishy little makeup application product that swarmed social media is something that may pique your interest, but does it really work?

“Recently makeup companies have been coming out with their own version of making sponges, such as a beauty blender, or this new little guy, a Silisponge," said Kaitlyn Potter, a cosmetologist at Dominion Salon and Spa in downtown Huntsville.

The Silisponge is a silicone applicator that is resistant to soaking up makeup, oil, and grease.

A traditional makeup sponge absorbs a lot of the makeup you apply to your face. The Silisponge is advertised as not wasting any product, because it doesn't soak the product in.

"It’s a lot easier to clean, and another plus is that it’s very sanitary, whereas the bacteria can kinda grow in a sponge like this," Potter said.

So, we experimented! We use the makeup sponge on one side of my face, and the Silisponge on the other, just to see how they compare and if the Silisponge is really the better choice.

The Silisponge advertises being able to use less product to cover more surface area.

Potter found that the Silisponge was a little more difficult to work with. "You have to spread the makeup a little bit more, rather than getting that kind of like, buffed appearance.

“As far as being a professional in the industry the Silisponge offers a lot more sanitary, like going from client to client, but I still prefer the finish of a regular makeup sponge.”

And isn’t the look it produces what matters most in the end?

If you love makeup, the Silisponge is a fun thing to try, but at the end of the day I’d probably use the normal makeup sponge.

Deal or Dud verdict: Debatable