DeKalb Co. inmates are working on an outdoor space for the county’s animal adoption center

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. -- Some DeKalb County inmates are working on a project that in the end, will be a new outdoor space for the county's animal adoption center.

"A couple of months ago the director of the DeKalb County Animal Adoption Center gave me a call and asked if we could assist her in building a walking track," DeKalb County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson said.

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office dispatched some inmates serving time for minor offenses to work on the task of clearing the dense county-owned property, to turn it into something nice for the county's animal adoption center.

The space is in the stretch of property in between the Sheriff's Office and the adoption center.

"They have so many volunteers who come down and want to help walk the animals, so that was a safe place to keep them off the roads, to keep them out of the yard," Edmondson explained, "We just made them a nice little trail through the woods and put gravel down."

Also, when someone comes to adopt, they can take their maybe new pet to the outdoor space to see how they get along.

Edmondson said some of the inmates are involved in many other projects around the county.

"We've got several groups. We do anything from picking up garbage to help setting up for graduations, to lots of different things," Edmondson said. During the summer, some inmates will also help with maintenance in the schools, like waxing and stripping the floors.

"Anytime we can use these guys, that saves the county money, taxpayers money, and then maybe they can learn something that they can use when they do get out of jail."