Army to downsize bands; AMC band on the list

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Beloved Army Material Command Band will play its last note in 2018.

The Army did a total analysis of all its bands and have decided to downsize.

“Music has been important to the military throughout history. In the early days it was how we formed; how we organized on the battlefield,” said Col. Richard Spiegel.

Today, that same music connects people from all walks of life. “The music adds an atmosphere, a certain pomp and circumstance,” said Spiegel.

The musicians of the AMC Band have connected our community with the Army since 2003.

“We hear from people all the time, when they think of the Army they often think of the band.”

But soon the AMC Band will be a distant memory of what was. “It is part of a whole army process, and it isn’t just the AMC band, but other bands have unfortunately been reduced as a part of this process.”

“We really know how popular the band is in this community and what huge part of the community this is,” said Spiegel.

The AMC says they’re going to continue to provide musical support for local organizations. “But to be honest the amount of support that Army bands will be able to provide will go down considerably.”

But until the final note is played next year, “They are out and about all the time,” said Speigel.

AMC Band members will be reassigned to other bands or duties.

The last performances for the AMC Band are expected to be in July of 2018.

To keep up with the band and their future performances, check out their Facebook page.