Alabama State Troopers encourage drivers to be responsible when traveling Memorial Day Weekend

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- With more cars on the road, drivers are encouraged to be extra careful as they travel between destinations. While staying focused when driving is the most important, there are a few other things that drivers should keep in mind.

"So often we're not mindful of the people who are actually out there with us,"Trooper Curtis Summerville said.

It's important for drivers to practice safe driving when the roads are heavily populated.

"We focus a lot on some things over the holidays like following too closely, wearing your seat belts, but we're finding that what's starting to kind of creep back a little bit is speeding."

That's the underlying factor troopers are finding in fatalities reported in Alabama.

"It decreases your reaction time, it increases your stopping time. It also increases the force of the crash that you're involved in," Trooper Summerville said. "It also decreases your ability to safely operate that vehicle."

Watch your speed and be courteous of others traveling on the roads.

"If somebody needs to get over or they turn their turn signal on, go ahead and let them over. Or if people are merging on the highway, go ahead and let them do that."

And absolutely no drinking and driving is advised.

"We encourage people to have a good time, but if you are going to drink alcohol over the holidays, please have a designated driver."

Of course with more cars on the roads it increases the possibility of more accidents, but Alabama state troopers are relying on drivers to be responsible to help prevent as many as possible.