Parents outraged after elementary teacher gives students gift

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - A Limestone County elementary teacher is under fire after giving her third graders an end-of-the-year gift.

A number of concerned parents reached out to WHNT News 19 after they claim the teacher had completely disregarded the students' feelings, claiming the gift was hurtful.

Numerous parents sent us pictures of plaques a third grader teacher gave to her class.

Each says the student's name and also has the words "promoted to 4th grade."

It's the other words inside the heart of the plaque that parents are mad about.

Words like "awkward", "annoying" and "sly."

Some parents like Brooke Day took to social media to express her frustration.

Day posted on her page saying, "A simple pass or fail would have been fine... Apparently the kids wrote what they thought of each other and she used that. This is not ok at all. If she goes to 4th grade, Hayden will NOT have her or we will change schools ... this is ridiculous."

Day told WHNT News 19 the teacher sent a message to parents explaining the gift.

In part it reads, "The activity was not meant to hurt anyone. We talked about how words can hurt and we talked about each word as a group and the meaning behind each word. I truly apologize to everyone that was hurt by this activity because this was not my intention."

Parents said they don't understand the activity and don't accept the apology.

We reached out to the Limestone County Schools Superintendent regarding this issue.

He said the teacher has been addressed and steps have been taken to ensure that it doesn't happen again. ​