Re-enrollment for Madison City Schools begins June 1st

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MADISON, Ala. – Madison City Schools is dealing with growth which has led to overcrowding in schools. Superintendent Robby Parker recently sent out a reminder to parents to re-enroll their students for the next school year.

Parker sent out an email to parents and posted a statement to Facebook addressing some concerns the school system has. Parker wrote the growth presents challenges with facilities, staffing, zoning, curriculum planning, and more.

He said they have found a high number of people attending Madison City Schools who live out of the zone. He thinks people are using false addresses or securing a temporary Madison address.

To crack down on the issue last year Madison City Schools began a more aggressive effort toward re-enrollment. This means every student attending Madison City Schools will need to re-enroll the next year. Parker wrote this will help with the overcrowding issue.

Parent Ashley Peeden said she's received an email from Parker about the situation. She said it was nothing new to her. "In the past there has been paperwork to fill out and turn in, but like I said the process is streamlined. All of the forms are online and you fill them out online," Peeden said.

Parents and guardians can start to register their kids June 1st and have until July 10th. Click here for more information.

Most parents WHNT News 19 spoke with say that they understand why the school system requires them to re-enroll. "I think it's important for us parents to obey the rules and make sure we're doing what we can do to set a good example for our children. We can't teach them to obey the rules if we can't do so ourselves," Peeden said.

Madison City Schools said that current students who do not re-enroll by July 10th will be withdrawn, just like they would if it came to be known that a student was using an invalid address after the school year begins.