Posting your vacation pictures while you’re away could make you a target for burglary

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BOAZ, Ala. — Would you send an open invitation to a thief telling them when you’ll be out of town? Of course not, but police officers say that’s what you could be doing when you post about your vacations while you’re away.

In a world accessible through a screen and a click, most of our lives are on display, open for likes and shares. But those likes and shares can open doors to people you might not know.

“You don’t know who’s sharing that information,” said Boaz Police Deputy Chief Josh Gaskin.

Depending on your settings, your posts could be accessible to strangers.”That’s the thing. I have my personal account set up to where I think it’s pretty private, but a lot of pictures and things that I’ve posted, I’ll have people in the jail say ‘I saw where you did this, or I saw where you did that,’ and you just never know who’s actually seeing what you’re posting,” Gaskin said.

Gaskin continued that’s why it’s so important to wait to post when you’re out of town.

“Wait until you get home to post any pictures, or to talk about anything that you might be doing that week, and obviously never, a week or two prior, discuss or post anything like that on social media. Always wait until you get home,” Gaskin said.

Because depending on who can see what, someone might see your vacation posts —  “And take advantage of that while you’re gone.”