Maple Hill Cemetery needs help returning storm-tossed flowers to graves

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Crews at Maple Hill Cemetery continue cleanup efforts from Saturday night’s high winds as they prepare for the upcoming Memorial Day service, but they need help with an unusual problem.

Joy McKee, Maple Hill’s director, said they need the public’s help in sorting out another challenge caused by the high winds.

“When we have those large storms come through, you know we’re absolutely going to have problems with things being blown about,” she said.

Flowers are the only remembrances that can be placed on graves in Huntsville cemeteries.

“All the flowers that are on here, they didn’t get stolen,” McKee said. “They’ve been blown, we don’t know who they belong to. We take ‘em up to the office, and keep them there for about a week or two."

Anyone interested in retrieving flowers and returning them to a loved one’s grave can contact the Maple Hill Cemetery office from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. by calling 256-427-5730.

McKee said they’d love to see the flowers returned.

“We really do need you to come by and see if you can find your displaced flowers,” she said. “It happens so often. Any time there’s a good wind, those flowers just fly everywhere."

McKee said the flowers will be around for another week or so, then they’ll start looking to donate them to charity.

“If they’re not claimed within a reasonable amount of a couple of weeks, then we do give them to charities or we do recycle the metal,” she said.

McKee also said cemetery will personnel will gladly help any residents who need assistance returning the flowers to their intended location.