Guntersville Aquatics offers water safety rules to remember during the holiday weekend

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — “Well for the past couple of weeks we’ve just been getting the pools ready and getting the chemicals stabilized.”

This Saturday is the big day. Many pools will open after a long winter season.

“New signs up going over pool rules and implementing new safety procedures, as well as instructing my guards and staff on how to respond on types of emergencies,” said Wesley Calhoun, Programs and Aquatics Supervisor.

But before you jump into the deep end… there are a few things you need to remember before you even get your feet wet.

“It’s always important to listen to life guards if they tell you to do something. It’s important that if you’re not a strong swimmer that you bring a life jacket for yourself,” Calhoun said. “If you’re a parent and have kids you know are not strong swimmers, bring a life jacket or some sort of flotation device as well.”

Lakes and beaches are a little bit different.

“You have currents that can pull you under. It’s very important that you always have a life jacket, because it’s much harder to swim in free water than it is in an actual pool,” Calhoun said.

Now having fun is a major key, but having too much fun could put you in danger.

“Absolutely no alcohol should be involved if you’re driving a boat, if you’re driving a motorized vehicle, or if you are in any way going to be in and around the water,” Calhoun said.

Guntersville Aquatics wants you to remember these few things just to provide a safe and sound holiday and summer season.