City Councilman: Google Fiber means recruitment for businesses in north Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — With the recent announcement of Google Fiber coming to north Huntsville, many people are looking forward to signing up.

It is the first in north Alabama and first in the state. North and northwest Huntsville will soon reap the benefits of a service 100x faster than traditional broadband.

“I see this as more of a partnership than a promotion,” said District 1 city councilman, Devyn Keith. “The importance of having Google Fiber is that we now incentivize not only homeowners, but we also incentivize businesses to make more of a partnership with the city.”

And the city councilman promises those businesses to be diverse.

“This just adds the bait to my fishing pole,” said Keith. “I have a large amount of businesses that I’m discussing that will be moving in the Parkway area, as well as the Winchester area, as well as Industrial Park.”

The very first place to take advantage of the gig service will be at the Richard Showers Recreational Center, where it was specifically gifted to the non-profit, Girls, Inc.

In a partnership with Huntsville Utilities, the first customers to receive the fiber service will be those who live east of Pulaski Pike and north of I-565 and Highway 72 into the Chase area.

“This adds to the repertoire when you’re going out there talking about the potential placement of being in northwest Huntsville and what that means,” said councilman Keith.

The first opportunity to sign up for the gig service will be Saturday, May 27, at the Richard Showers Center starting at 10 a.m.