Bad sushi, flies, and unlabeled bleach in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

I Love Sushi Japanese Cuisine     Score of: 90

8429 Hwy 72 W, Madison


  • Beef 56F, lettuce 53F, chicken 49F. Corrected on the spot by discarding items immediately
  • Employees in sushi area and kitchen area observed using bare-hand-contact with ready-to-eat food
  • Employees did not wash hands before putting on gloves


Bojangles Famous Chicken N Biscuits    Score of: 94  

109 Cox Creek Parkway, Florence


  • Presence of flies


Singing River Bar and Grill     Score of: 80  

4900 Hatch Blvd, Sheffield


  • Unlabeled gallon jug of bleach-- abated by discarding
  • Dish machine not sanitizing, abated by replacing with new container of sanitizer



Legends Steakhouse     Score of: 97  

201 N. Seminary Street, Florence