Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q crowned grand champion at Memphis for fifth time

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q has been crown grand champion at the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest in Memphis, Tennessee.

This is the fifth time that Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q has been named grand champion, a new record according to the event. The team were named grand champions in 2000, 2003, 2011, and 2014.


Grand champion

  1. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q


  1. 10 Bones BBQ
  2. 901Q
  3. Emily’s Tennessee Prime


  1. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
  2. Red Hot Smokers
  3. Cool Smoke

Whole Hog

  1. Yazoo’s Delta Q
  2. Mac’s Smoke Shop
  3. Southern Hoggers BBQ Company

Patio Porker

  1. Bad Pig BBQ
  2. It’s About Time
  3. 4UWEQUE
  4. Smokin Spiders

Kingsford Tour of Champions Final

  1. The Shed


  1. Swinos


  1. Uncle Murle’s BBQ Team


  1. Smokin With An Attitude


  1. Diamond D Cooking Team
  2. Smoke Masters
  3. Shoats & Skins


  1. Killer Hogs
  2. Annesdale Pork
  3. Slapjo Mama BBQ Hog Cooking Team


  1. Moon Smokers
  2. Rusty’s Smoke BBQ
  3. Diamond D Cooking Team


  1. Down to Smoke BBQ Team
  2. Barbecue Republic
  3. Dirk Piggler’s Porkographic BBQ


  1. Smokin With An Attitude
  2. Rub Me Tender
  3. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q