The New Gate 9 at Redstone Arsenal set to open in July

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Crews will be shutting down the inbound lanes of traffic the evening of June 30th until the morning of July 5th, so changes can be made to Gate 9. They are moving the current gate back farther into Redstone Arsenal. They think moving it will help with the flow of traffic at Gate 9.

"When we do have a big back up at the gate for whatever reason, it can happen for a variety of reasons, but when that does happens we`ve got traffic all the way back on 565. Creating problems throughout the Huntsville area," Redstone Arsenal Spokesperson Christopher Colster said.

Colster said having the gate change on June 30th through July 4th is the perfect time. "We chose that date because the third is a normal work day, however a lot of people take the 4 day break because of the holiday," Colster explained.

He said traffic will more than likely be slow between the closure dates, but there will be other ways to get onto the Arsenal. "During the 4th of July weekend all of the other gates will be manned, and any other gate you will be able to access except for gate 9," Colster said.

He said drivers will be able to exit out of Gate 9 during the transition.

Come the morning of July 5th the current gate will still be up, but drivers will travel down to the new Gate 9 to check in with security.

The idea behind moving the gate was to help with traffic, but they are wanting to make some more changes. "Part of the master plan is to go ahead and move the fence line back a little bit.  This will open up some of the leisure areas on the north part of the Arsenal, to a broader community," Colster explain.

He said due to funding there are no plans to take down the old gate right now.