Inspectors check out some of your favorite summer treat spots

Gin House BBQ     Score of: 88

8060 Upper Ft. Hampton, Elkmont


  • Raw egg shells stored on cooked bacon


McDonald's     Score of: 89

201 Hwy 31 S, Hartselle


  • Flies in restaurant


M & W Tropical Sno Madison, LLC     Score of: 94

8020 Madison Blvd. Madison


  • Several live roaches inside a box containing powdered flavor packets for M&W Tropical Sno
  • Dead roaches inside the same box
  • Owner removed the box with the roaches still inside and threw it away
  • No roaches were seen anywhere else inside the restaurant


Clean Plate Recommendation

Moe's Southwest Grill     Score of: 98

1 Harrison Place, Florence