Want your teenager to be a better driver?


It’s a simple but powerful concept. Too few drivers (teens and adults) see their own poor driving. They think they can handle the phone and the road.


But they see other people’s distracted driving more easily. That guy needs to pay attention.


Every single day, the attorneys at Morris, King & Hodge help people whose lives have been turned upside down by distracted driving. To help prevent these accidents, they sponsor the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Distracted Driving course during the summer when school is out to educate young drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.


The course is set up multiple times at nine convenient locations including all the Madison County high schools. It includes classroom presentations on everything from traffic stop etiquette and window tint laws to DUI and cell phone usage. After that, each teenager takes two driving tests.


The first trip through the course is with no distractions.


But on the second trip through, the ride-along Deputy will ask the driver to send a text message, read a laminated card hanging from the rearview mirror (to simulate reading a text message), reach for a dropped item from the back seat, or change songs on an iPod.


As a result, the teen drivers will swerve out of their lanes, hit cones, drive too slow – and become aware of just how much their driving is affected.


Added bonus: Upon completion, students will get a certificate which, depending on your insurance carrier, may lead to lower insurance premiums.


Class sizes are small and fill up quickly. The program is free, thanks to underwriting by Morris, King & Hodge.


To be eligible, teens must be at least 15 years old and obtaining an Alabama Driver’s permit in the near future.  Click here for more information and to register.