Non-restaurants with bad health violations in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Odette     Score of: 90

120 North Court Street, Florence


  • Employee(s) using bare hands with ready to eat foods -abated by educating, food items were remade
  • No date mark on quinoa, and beyond date limit on kimchi -abated by discarding


The Westin Huntsville     Score of: 84

6800 Governors West, Huntsville


  • Chemical spray bottle stored with linen
  • Ice machines were dirty on several floors


Lucky's Supermarket (Meat)     Score of: 85

3423 Pulaski Pike Huntsville


  • The cutting boards were in disrepair
  • Meat was discolored
  • The dates on raw meat products for sell were 04/28/17-05/01/17 on labels
  • Labels were covered with new labels that read 05/03/17 as the sell date


Clean Plate Recommendation

The Carriage     Score of: 99      

121 East Mobile, Florence