Working out advice: Pace Yourself!

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I’ve never really had an addictive personality and thank God I’ve never had addiction issues. But I can see why people get addicted to working out.

Last week, due to the pace of life and work, I wasn’t able to work out.

And I was miserable.

Compounding this, I’m at the age (…sigh…) where recovery from intense workouts are not easy.   Particularly, the workouts are hard for me because I immediately go to work after I’m finished.

I’m sure my co-workers get tired or me whining about how sore I am when I get to work.

But they have been incredibly supportive.

Here is my advice… such that it is.

  • Pace yourself. Be smart.  It’s a crawl, walk, run process.
  • Don’t feel like you have to work out every single day in the beginning. If you work out for three or four days, you might need a break.
  • Did I say pace yourself?
  • If you join a gym, do the instructors/coaches watch you while you work out? You need a gym where the coaches watch you like a hawk to make sure you are doing things right.
  • If you can’t join a gym, you can always walk. After not working out for a week, I got out and walked Sunday for 49 minutes. The walk worked great to get me ready for the Monday workout. It also cleared my head. Maybe the best of all, since I’ve started doing all this, I’m sleeping better and I feel a thousand percent better.

Today’s Health Matters story is about cryotherapy.  People are always looking for an edge. People like me are looking for a legal way to beat soreness and the aftermath of working out. So, if you have an opportunity to do the cryotherapy, treat it like any tool in your fitness picture.  Make sure you do your homework and always check with your doctor first.