Some Customers upset about Ditto Landing Fee Change

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Those upset about rental fee increases at Whitesburg boat harbor will have to wait a little longer to express their concerns. They had planned to attend Ditto Landing Board of Directors monthly meeting, but it's been pushed back to May 16.

Boat owners have until May 15th to decide what they want to do with their boat. Rate increases are something Harbor and Whitesburg Yacht club customers have been concerned with for a while now.

Back in February Ditto Landing's Executive Director told WHNT News 19 that improvements were needed in the area these boats were housed.

She said currently some customer rates are not market rates. She said they wanted to bring the rates up to market rate to fix the problem areas. Several WHNT News 19 viewers told us their rental costs have gone up significantly.

One viewer said Ditto Landing raised Whitesburg Boat Harbor's rental fee up to more than 200%. Many of these concerned customers were going to attend the board meeting Monday night, since the deadline to sign paper work is on Monday, May 15.

Though, the board meeting was moved to next Tuesday, May 16 -- the day after the deadline customers have to decide what they have want to do. One viewer said the fee increase impacts more than 50 people.