Scottsboro residents come together to build a bed for a family recovering from a storm

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - A tree fell on Bridget and Samuel Arnold's home back in April after a storm. Most damage happened in the bedroom of their two sons, Evan and Avery.

"Well the whole house, the foundation, everything was just in bad shape. But the tree actually fell on the boy's bunk beds and bent the metal frame," says Brandy Graham, a family friend.

The Arnolds' were immediately forced out their home and recovery has been difficult, especially with a son who has special needs.

"Having the issues that they do with the disability with one of their sons, we wanted to make sure that he felt safe back in a bed that was made for him," says Graham.

With the help of people in the community and Scottsboro High shop students, they're building a new John Deer themed bunk bed for the boys.

"First off I had to get an idea and a plan so I looked on Pinterest and stuff like that," says Buddy Phillips, a family friend.

It was just their way of giving back to a family who's given so much to their city.

"We didn't have blue prints so we did it from scratch," says Phillips.

The bed is a total surprise to Evan and Avery.

"It's just good to give back every now and then to people that need help from devastation like they have," says William Stewart, a Scottsboro High student.

The Arnolds' are known for their kind hearts and giving spirits.

"They have helped others in a time where they were in need, so I'm really glad the community has come together to help this family," says Graham.

The community is excited to reveal the new bunk bed to the family at the end of the week.

If you're interested in helping the Arnold family, you can click here and make a donation on their Gofundme page.