Mail-carrier saves families from gas leak in Ohio

(WHNT) - Steven Farkas is just an ordinary mailman - according to him. But one family has gone as far as t call him a hero.

Farkas was delivering mail to the Mattingly household in Eastlake, Ohio, when he smelled a gas leak outside of their house.

"When I walked up I smelled gas - the wind blew it right in my face," said Farkas. He knew it was time to act.

"Our mailman was banging on the door," said Geri Mattingly of Eastlake. "I mean furiously bang, bang, bang."

Farkas helped Gene and Geri out of their house and called authorities.

The Mattingly's say not only did Farkas save them from a possible home explosion, but he also helped uncover a gas leak in the house next door. A local gas company confirmed that there were two gas leaks in homes in the area.