EAA gives the public an inside look of a classic Ford Tri-Motor plane

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association showed off a piece of history at The Huntsville Executive Airport. They let the public come out to see the plane and ride in a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor plane.

Some who got to ride in the plane say there's really no words to describe the view of the world from outside of a plane window, but you can describe the feeling. "It`s awesome to be in an airplane. It`s just another aspect of life. It`s great to see life from a different experience," 12-year-old Hannah Brock said.

Experience is something Brock doesn't lack. At the age of six her grandfather got her hooked on planes. She joined the local Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter and started taking flying lessons. "I can fly in the co-pilot seat, but I have to have a licensed pilot with me in the front too," Brock explained.

She describes this particular Ford Tri-Motor as being amazing. The flying museum has seen a lot in 88 years.

"This particular airplane was one of the first airplanes to start Eastern Air Transport, which turned later into Eastern Airlines. When faster and more efficient airplanes came along the plane was sold and made its way into Cuba where is started Cubana Airlines. As they upgraded this plane went to the Dominican Republic and flew as the first Air Force One," EAA Volunteer Pilot John Maxfield said.

Brock said she loves seeing the expressions of people's faces when they step off of the plane. "It's almost like a first flight grin. It`s like when they get off the plane. They just have this huge grin on their face," Brock said.

The EAA said this particular plane gets taken to different chapters around the country for people to see, but EAA Chapter 190 is always around. They said if you're interested in planes at all you should join their organization.

EAA also sponsors the Young Eagle Program and awards scholarship money to those who participate.

For more information on EAA or Tri-Motor click here. If you are interested in joining the Huntsville chapter EAA 190 or to learn more email them at eaa190@yahoo.com