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Mrs. Hyatt looks to upgrade her classroom at Heritage Elementary in Madison

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MADISON, Ala. - Angelia Hyatt teaches first grade at Heritage Elementary School in Madison. She knows exactly how to spend her newfound fortune. "Well I have wanted to do flexible seating, and, I guess, I have some money to do that with." says Hyatt.

Mrs. Hyatt's goal is to fashion her own classroom after fellow teacher, Heather Kell. Students here can pick and choose where to sit. It's not your standard classroom.

What keeps Mrs. Hyatt coming back?

"These sweet baby's faces. They are so adorable. Everyday the day goes by I get something sweet something from them even if its something they teach me as a teacher." Principal Georgina Nelson says the secret to Mrs. Hyatt's success can be summed up in one word.

"She has great relationships with her students and with her parents. Actually, the student that nominated her for this award, that's one of the things they said in her letter to her was that as they came to Heritage as a new student. She made them feel welcomed and loved and helped her make friends. One of her many gifts that she brings to the table is building relationships with her families." said Nelson.

Relationships made possible due to Mrs. Hyatt's commitment to her students.

"Anytime you go into Mrs. Hyatt's classroom, you always see her working with students. She has students at the small group table who may need a little extra help or she is bending down helping students with projects and we saw that today as they were working on their 3D cities." added Nelson.

A deserving honor for an obviously dedicated teacher.

"Having one of our teachers recognized very publicly is very exciting to me because they all work very very hard and they are all very talented. Many times, it's a very difficult job. So when you see somebody that very much deserves recognition receive it, it's very much an honor for all of us at Heritage Elementary School." said Nelson.

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