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“Health Matters” to April Stevenson


If you want to know about motivation and fortitude, all you have to do is talk to April Stevenson.,

Like most of us, the pace of life forced physical fitness to the back burner.

We get covered up with raising kids, and consumed with jobs that offer little time to relax.

April Stevenson decided that she was going to change that.  After seeing a doctor about sleep apnea, and concerned with how her family medical history would mesh with her own, she took a bold step.

She joined Iron Tribe.

Iron Tribe is fitness program focused on a high intensity 45 minute class that blends cardio and strength principals.

After a few classes, April Stevenson decided that Iron Tribe was for her. She makes time now for herself, so that she can be here longer for her family.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm doing Iron Tribe as well.  It can be intimidating when you walk in the door. But all exercise components can be modified, and the coaches watch people like a hawk.

There are other high intensity programs out there.  The key is finding something that is in your comfort zone, and that helps  meet your goals.

If you know of a success story like April, email me at  I would love to tell their story.