St. Joseph students receive coveted campus award

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FLORENCE, Ala. – After four years of non-stop work, some students in Florence received a prized trophy Friday morning. But it’s not for work in the classroom, rather outside keeping their environment clean.

Steve Trash performs magic tricks for students at St. Joseph School in Florence.

Steve Trash is a world-renowned entertainer. Magic is his specialty, but recycling is his passion. The Shoals native travels internationally, performing magic tricks as a way to further his cause.

“We’re absolutely making progress; curb-side recycling. Recycling is a fairly common idea; preventing litter, keeping our communities clean is an even more common idea, but you really haven’t won until 100% of the population knows it and does it,” stated Trash.

As a way to educate students of the importance of recycling, Trash hosts a competition. For each of the last four years, almost 30-schools vie for the coveted Steve Trash Clean Campus Trophy. St. Joseph Catholic School in Florence finally received the five-foot-tall trophy.

Andrew Franck, St. Joseph teacher

“We’ve been doing this for four years. We’ve been getting the eighth grade outside to work on it and focus on keeping our campus beautiful and clean. – You’ve been trying for four years to get this? – Four years, and we have always come in second or third, and this is the first year we have actually won it,” exclaimed St. Joseph teacher Andrew Franck.

The school will also receive $150 from “Keep the Shoals Beautiful” for their efforts.

The trophy travels to the winning school each year. And even though St. Joseph won this year, they are still in the running for the contest next school year.