Family of Tad Cummins, suspected kidnapper from Tennessee, releases statement

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Surveillance pic of Tad Cummins

COLUMBIA, Tenn. – The estranged wife and two daughters of Tad Cummins have released a statement now that he and the teen he’s accused of kidnapping have been found. The family lawyer released the statement that reads in full:

Jill, Erica and Ashlee are glad this chapter of the ordeal is over. They are grateful to all law enforcement for their hard work. Jill would like to specifically thank the Maury County Sheriff Department and individually thank Bucky Rowland and Nathan Johns for how they handled the investigation and search for Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas.

Jill, Erica and Ashlee also appreciate the local and national media for keeping this story in the spotlight. They are thankful that Elizabeth Thomas will soon be returned to her family where she can begin the healing process.

Jill, Erica and Ashlee have the utmost respect for District Attorney Brent Cooper and Acting US Attorney John L. Smith and they trust the judicial system to administer justice upon Tad Cummins and leave that up to the capable individuals involved in the judicial system.