Dead insects, expired meat products, and dirty dishes in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Wok-N-Roll     Score of: 88    

115 Edgewood Drive, Florence


  • Dirty dishes stacked with clean dishes
  • No date mark on expired beef, cooked eel, cooked shrimp, chopped cabbage and lettuce– 10 day notice given


Legends Steakhouse     Score of: 78  

201 N. Seminary Street, Florence


  • Pans of green beans, broccoli casserole, sweet potatoes, macaroni, and rice sitting cold in container meant for warming
  • Walk-in-cooler much warmer than required temperature
  • Dirty meat slicer
  • No date mark on prime rib, meat loaf, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes– 10 day notice given


Casa Blanca     Score of: 86

7830 Hwy 72 W Madison


  • Dead insects found in container that holds taco bowl shells
  • Several cracked containers holding food


Clean Plate Recommendation:

Old Towne Beer Exchange     Score of: 99

301 E. Holmes Ave. Suite 1, Huntsville