Tennessee Valley Students compete in The Mad City Classic Greenpower USA Electric Car race

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Madison County, Ala. - James Clemens High School hosted the second annual Mad City Classic Greenpower USA Electric Car race today. There were Elementary teams, Middle School and High School students all competing in different groups.

8th grader Kaden McCreery was one of the many students who came out to participate. He recently moved to the Tennessee Valley and when he signed up for classes he learned about greenpower racing.

"I'm sitting there like, hey there's this green car class. I asked the secretary what`s this. She said oh it`s where they race. She showed me a video and I thought that`s cool I really want to do that," McCreery said.

He gave the class a shot and months later he came out with his team to race with other students. Pit Marshal Mark Rothermel said greenpower is used at many local schools to teach students STEM. It teaches engineering, manufacturing, science, and technology.

He said students work hard figuring out how to make the best car, because they all have the exact same kit. He went on to say the job isn't over once the car is completed. These young minds have to constantly be thinking.

"They work on several answers to questions that involve how to set up the car, how to aline the car, how to make it more efficient, and complete the race," Rothermel said.

McCreery wants to be an engineer when he grows up and with the way things are going; he's on track to achieving his goal. McCreery's team came in second place among the Middle School group during Saturday's races.

His team will be traveling to Indy Motor Speedway to race in May. He said his school and several others look for sponsors all the time to help fund these trips.
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