MOAB bomb has two Huntsville connections

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Despite being dubbed the "Mother of All Bombs", the acronym MOAB actually stands for Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb.

With Redstone Arsenal and countless defense contractors in our backyard, there are actually two installations here in town that are directly involved with the weapon.

The MOAB was first created during Operation Iraqi Freedom, through a partnership with the Air Force Research Lab and Huntsville based contractor Dynetics.

The company's website boasts that the 22,000 pound bomb was created in just three months time, with successful guided flights that took only 13 days to complete.

On Redstone, the Army Material Command, or AMC, oversees all ammunition plants, including on in Oklahoma that creates the Army's supply of MOAB bombs.

“So when soldiers order ammo anywhere in the world, the order comes to us, we fill the order and we get it to them as quickly and fast as we can," said Col. Sean Herron, who's in charge of the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant in Oklahoma.

In other words, the AMC receives the orders, and McAlester fulfills them.

“Think of it as an Amazon fulfillment center for things that go bang," said Col. Herron.

Congressman Mo Brooks was just learning of the Afghan strike when we spoke to him Thursday afternoon.

"I’m always pleased to the extent that our community is able to contribute to national security as we do in so many different ways," said Rep. Brooks.

However, he said he's ready to see the Afghan people to start battling ISIS on their own.

“We cannot do that indefinitely, At some point, the Afghans are going to have to take over the load and decide for themselves whether they want freedom, and if so, they’re going to have to fight for it," said Rep. Brooks.

That's not just limited to Afghanistan.

Brooks says, the days of the United States being the world's policeman, needs to come to an end.

He wants to see more cooperation for our allies.

“In my opinion, we need to become more cooperative in multinational efforts and not be the only cowboy around, the only police officer on every corner of the planet," said Brooks.

Congressman Brooks tells WHNT News 19, he hopes the President will set a deadline for Afghanistan to officially handle their own military affairs.