Locals come together to keep their part of the Tennessee River clean

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- Keeping our rivers and the areas surrounding them clean and beautiful is a priority for many. On Sunday, one group of friends decided to take matters into their own hands for a spot that's like a second home.

For Melissa Urick and her community, water lapping at the riverfront is the sound of summer.

"We don't have the boats, we don't have the ski jets, this is our fun for the water," she said.

But, the actions of others takes away from their favorite spot off Hobbs Island Road.

"In the winter people come down here and just do what they want. So in the summertime we decide that for us to be safe with our friends and family, to come and clean up every year," said Urick.

Urick gathers her river family to come and clean up the area often. But their efforts are usually not rewarded. Just a few days later and it will be littered with trash again. It's a sore spot among those who frequent the river.

"There's just a lot of garbage here and people don't have any respect for the community. We just want to pull this together to where it's a clean environment for people to bring their kids to fish and swim," she said.

Urick said many kids grow up out there. Now their grandchildren will too. That's why its upkeep is so important.

"This is our next generations life here, we want it to be safe for all them," she said.

For Urick, when people don't respect the land we live on and its waters, she takes it seriously.

"We just want to bring it to be a clean place that the community can come and swim and enjoy everybody, and just become family," she said.

After hearing what they were doing, Home Depot donated garbage bags for the clean up.