Alabama State Auditor speaks on the impeachment process awaiting Gov. Bentley

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Governor Robert Bentley is in trouble. Earlier this week, the ethics commission found probable cause that the governor had broken various ethics and campaign finance laws. This week, the House Judiciary Committee will begin the impeachment process for the governor.

WHNT’s Steve Johnson sat down with State Auditor Jim Zeigler who said no one could have seen this coming when Bentley first ran for the state’s highest office.

“Absolutely not, and the people of Alabama obviously thought we were electing a senior spokesman who was a bit of an outsider…a retiring doctor…a successful doctor…a  leader in his church…kind of a grandfatherly man. What has happened could make a soap opera or a TV movie. It is amazing that it’s like the rise and fall of the Roman empire. Well the rise and fall of Robert Bentley would make  an unbelievable book and movie and I may write it.”

You can watch the entire conversation with State Auditor Jim Zeigler here in four parts: