Stidham lives up to hype in Auburn A-Day game

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AUBURN, Ala. ( Five-hundred and four days passed since the last time Jarrett Stidham played in front of a crowded stadium. With all eyes on the former Baylor quarterback on Saturday, he didn't disappoint.

Stidham completed 16-of-20 passes for 267 yards during Auburn's A-Day spring game, earning offensive MVP honors while working with the Tigers' first-team offense and playing just the first half. He led scoring drives on five of his six possessions, including three touchdown-scoring drives.

"I thought he managed the offense well," Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said. "I thought that he protected the football, and that's where it starts, No. 1 thing. It was good for him to get out there in front of a crowd. He hadn't been out in front of a crowd playing football in a long time. I think overall it was good for him."

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