Two restaurants with a long list of violations in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Ami's Restaurant     Score of: 84

500 Montgomery Avenue, Sheffield


  • No drying devices available at the kitchen hand sink or the women's restroom
  • No toilet tissue in the restrooms
  • Dirty meat slicer
  • Dirty pans stacked with clean--10 day notice given
  • No date mark on required foods-- peas, corn, beans, hamburger meat, cole slaw, green beans,
  • Fish still in airtight packaging


New Orleans Transfer     Score of: 92    

1682 South Wilson Dam, Muscle Shoals


  • Not properly separating raw food from ready-to-eat foods
  • Chemicals stored above food
  • No paper towels in restroom
  • Mold in ice machine
  • Dented cans



Long Lewis Café     Score of: 100      

2800 Woodward Avenue, Muscle Shoals