Missing teen and accused kidnapper may be headed out west

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COLUMBIA, Tenn. - We're learning more about where Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins may be traveling from a friend of the missing teen claiming Elizabeth told her about her plans.

"Elizabeth had confided in her that she intended to go west," said family attorney Jason Whatley.

A tip the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation received late Thursday night revealed surveillance video showing the girl and her accused kidnapper Tad Cummins in an Oklahoma City Walmart on March 15.

"That's a long time. They could be anywhere on the planet at this point," said Whatley.

"We don't know what's happened since then," said Paige Griffith.

Griffith thinks of Elizabeth as one of her own children - her daughter is best friends with the girl.

"What is she eating? How is she feeling? Is she scared? Is she worried? What is he doing to her?" asked Griffith.

Every few hours she posts on the teens Facebook page hoping she will read it.

"If she had a phone, she would call," explained Griffith.

She is praying that a phone call will come soon.

"It's just devastating. It breaks my heart that she's gone. We need her back, and everyday she's gone it makes it harder," said Griffith.

Investigators point out that it appears Tad Cummins darkened his beard, and Elizabeth may now have dark red hair.

Authorities are unsure if the two are still traveling in a silver Nissan Rogue as originally reported.