Suspects named in Florence and north Alabama fake check scam

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FLORENCE, Ala. - Check cashing businesses across north Alabama are out thousands of dollars from a fake check scam which is sweeping the area. Florence police have been able to identify two of the individuals thought to be involved.

Employees at Butler Motors thought they were helping a guy out who was having car trouble. Little did they know, they were falling victim to a scam by letting him use the phone.

Florence Police Department Detective Michael Price

“We started with one a couple of months ago, it was $800,” stated Det. Michael Price with Florence Police Department. “One last week was $8,200, and the one this weekend was $6,600.”

Detective Price said the man forwarded Butler Motors' phone to a private cell. When the guys went to cash a fake check, the clerk called what he thought to be Butler Motors to verify the check was good. Once the scammer’s partner verified the funds, the check cashing clerk handed over $8,200.

Suspects Robert Hallmon (left) and Lamar Ashford (right)

These are the two Madison County men thought to be behind the latest round of scams. Robert Hallmon and Lamar Ashford have arrest warrants. Until they are caught, Price says businesses need to be extremely careful.

“Be cautious of out of town individuals, out of town identifications, and make sure when you are calling someone you know who you are talking to,” explained Price.

Employees at Butler Motors said it took them a little while to figure out their phone had been forwarded. Enough time for the scammers to get what they needed and get out of town.

If you know the whereabouts of Robert Hallmon or Lamar Ashford, contact your local law enforcement agency or dial 9-1-1.