Florence High School students help clothe patients at area hospital

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FLORENCE, Ala. - There’s a group of high school students in the Shoals who have filled a gap in local healthcare. Fashion design students at Florence High School have designed and sewn pajamas for patients.

With every stitch of thread, students in the program gain vital experience, which is why they decided to use their growing skills for hospital patients.

“It always gives someone a good feeling because you never know what a person's going through in life and just being able to help someone, it just warms your heart,” said Amyerica Acklin, a junior at Florence High School.

So students like Acklin patterned pajama pants for patients at ECM Hospital. Many times patients come in the emergency room unprepared to stay for hours or even days. Volunteer Services Director Amy Stanfield said they want to make sure patients have something to wear when they leave.

“We just want to make sure people leave our hospital with their dignity, and make sure they are comfortable,” Stanfield explained.

Stanfield said she’s excited to have partnered with such great fashion design students who are willing to help out.

“I think that is just amazing that they would spend their time wanting to give back to the community, and I think there are some really special students,” said Stanfield.

The Florence High School Fashion Design Students made 18 pairs of pajama pants for ECM Hospital. You too can donate new pajama pants to the hospital by dropping them off at the patient information desk in the front lobby of ECM.