Dirty dishes, ham past its date limit, and mold in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Fuji Japanese Cuisine     Score of: 80

2246 Winchester Road, Huntsville


  • Documentation and procedures were not followed as outlined in approved plan
  • The hand-washing sink at the front counter sushi area was not accessible for hand-washing. Items were piled in the sink


Chuck-E-Cheese     Score of: 91

4700 Hatch Boulevard, Sheffield


  • Canadian ham beyond its date limit-- 10 day notice given, ham discarded
  • Dish machine not sanitizing dishes-- 3 day notice given


Pizza Hut #2938     Score of: 88        

13450 Highway 43, Russellville


  • Mold in ice machine
  • No approved service course documentation on site


Clean Plate Recommendation:

What's Popp'n     Score of: 100

7900 Bailey Cove Road, Huntsville