Colbert County Animal Shelter seeking owner of injured dog

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. - The Colbert County Animal Shelter needs help locating the owner of a dog dropped off this past weekend. Shelter employees said the dog is suffering from some very bad injuries.

NOTE: Some of the images you are about see may be disturbing.

Among the dozens of dogs at the Colbert County Animal Shelter, one needs special care. In pen 119, a mixed pit bull is quarantined. It's suffering from horrendous injuries to the mouth.

“The vet is telling us it will be about two weeks and he will try and go in and do all of the repairs,” explained Animal Control Officer Anthony Wilbanks.

Wilbanks said the dog was found along Lauderdale County Road 15. The person who found it brought it to the Colbert County Animal Shelter, hoping to get treatment for the dog.

According to Wilbanks, they need help finding the owner.

"Just so we can find out what happened and what we need to do," Wilbanks explained. "Maybe the owner doesn’t know the dog is gone and maybe a neighbor mistreated the dog. We just want to see if the owner wants the dog back."

Whether the owner comes forward or not, Wilbanks said the vet will do everything he can to help the poor dog.

If you are the owner or a neighbor who is familiar with the dog, please call the Colbert County Animal Shelter at (256) 381-4073.