An app for the young explorer in your home

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The LumiKids Backyard app, from Lumos Labs, Inc. offers a fun, interactive playspace.

Many kids love to explore and if you have one that fits that description, they’ll likely be delighted with LumiKids Backyard.

The app is one in a series of similar apps from Lumosity. While it’s not designed to be “brain training” for kids, Lumosity calls it an interactive digital space where children can practice “intuitive and adaptive” play.

The setting of the app is a backyard, at nightfall. Users can explore their surroundings in a variety of ways. They can, for example, shine a light on bushes to see what’s making a noise. They can also help a “sleepy squirrel” brush his teeth and master his bedtime routine. Cute, colorful characters encourage interaction and even the more advanced concepts (like the spatial arrangement of various bugs) require just a swipe or two of the finger.

Best for younger children, likely ages 2 to 6, the app involves a little problem solving and a lot of logical reasoning. It’s never overwhelmingly difficult though, which makes it even more appealing for different developmental stages.

LumiKids Backyard is free for download in the Apple App Store or via Google Play.

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