Suzie Eubanks takes her health into her own hands through years of consistency and exercise

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ATHENS, Ala. - "There is an art to taking a gym selfie."

Suzie Eubanks checked her phone like we all do, then in a split-second broke into a body builder pose and just as fast went back to checking her phone.

It was really funny. Laughing, she said “you gotta be fast doing gym selfies.”

Suzie Eubanks is as cool a person as I’ve ever met.  One day mindlessly cruising Facebook, I came across some of her workout pics.

For the last four years, Suzie has taken absolute control of her health and fitness. Now, she is a competitive body builder.

Her bluntness about what it takes to get in shape is refreshing.  She says there are no shortcuts.

“There is no quick 30-day fix. There is no quick two-week belly buster diet. A lot of people don't want to hear that. People say 'how do you do that?'  Well... years of consistency and working. If you can kinda inspire somebody else to make that change in their life as far as fitness and their life… I mean that part is cool."

It’s about taking control.  The one point she mentioned during our visit was the same for me when I started getting back in shape.

Suzie Eubanks

"Eating pop tarts and potato chips every day. Not working out. You get used to that feeling, I guess. You get used to just feeling okay.  There is so much more you could really go after," said Eubanks.

If you just get moving you will feel better. Start slow and wait for the payoff.

"I mean, I feel better overall now. I pay attention to my diet and people don't realize what kind of impact that makes. What you eat... you have more energy. You feel better. It’s just an overall feeling of health," said Eubanks.

Suzie Eubanks

I met a woman once who told me her journey to wellness started by walking around her kitchen table.

If you think you can’t… you can. If you think you can’t take two steps. Take one.  If you think you can’t get to the next day to start working out. You can.

Find someone that will help you.

It’s like Dawn Hendricks said …

“If you can’t find 30 minutes you need to reevaluate your life and what you are doing.”

Dawn Hendricks can be found at 911 Physical Training.

Suzie Eubanks works out at Lions Den in Athens.

If you need to find out more information, Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center is a great resource for beginnings with a wealth of contacts to get you started.  Their number is 256-265-WELL.

I've been working out at IronTribe which is a great resource for people who want to turn the heat up on the intensity of workouts.