UPDATE: Investigation into speeding Franklin County bus driver concluded, driver reinstated

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. - An investigation into alleged speeding by a Franklin County bus driver is now complete.

Superintendent Greg Hamilton confirmed that multiple agencies were involved in a thorough investigation which concluded that the alleged speed of 70 mph was inaccurate.

The bus driver has been reinstated in his job with the school system.

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A motorist has created a lot of attention for a school bus driver in northwest Alabama.

A video was posted on social media, which seems to show a bus travelling nearly double the speed limit in Franklin County.

Kelly Bragwell said he was leaving his mother's home on Franklin 41 Friday March 17 when he saw a school bus zoom by.

Kelly Bragwell

“I knew the roads because I have lived there my whole life. It just seemed the bus was traveling way too fast. I looked down at my speedometer and seen how fast they were going and I just grabbed it up as an instinct I guess,” explained Bragwell.

What he grabbed was his phone. The ensuing video has gotten more than 50,000 online views.  Bragwell said he posted it for the parents of the students on the bus.

“I thought this could help them know,” said Bragwell. “I knew if I posted it, somehow they would see it.”

Bragwell said the bus was full of kids from Belgreen School.

The speed limit on Franklin 41 is 35 miles per hour. According to Bragwell, that’s even too fast for a normal vehicle.

“I would be extremely upset if my kids were on that bus,” said Bragwell. “I would have done everything I could to stop the bus then.”

Bragwell said he followed the bus to the end of the road, and it never dropped below 60 miles per hour.

One of the people who spotted the posted video on Saturday night was Franklin County School’s Superintendent Greg Hamilton.

Hamilton said within moments of the video being posted to Facebook, his phone started blowing up. That’s when the investigation started.

Hamilton said he is limited on what he can say about the investigation. The superintendent claims at this point it is a personnel matter. But he wants to reassure parents they are taking a close look at the video.

Franklin County School Superintendent Greg Hamilton

“We want to make sure our kids are safe and in a safe learning environment,” stated Hamilton. “That’s to and from school and that’s a top priority for us.”

Hamilton said it’s alarming to see the video, but he won’t pass judgment until he has all the facts.

“Any time there is a question of safety, it would be alarming,” said Hamilton. “Our kids are our greatest asset and we want to make sure they are safe. At the same time, I can’t comment on the personnel issue.”

Hamilton said he hopes to have the investigation wrapped up in the coming days.

School system leaders said they have been in contact with the bus driver.