Local non-profits at risk of losing funds under President Trump’s proposed budget plan

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Currently under President Trump's proposed budget plan, HUD will be cut by $6.2 billion dollars. Huntsville's Planning Director Michelle Jordan said this will affect the Rocket City.

"The City of Huntsville is proud to share some of our Community Development Block Grant that we get from HUD every year with local non-profits," said Jordan.

Jordan said the city receives more than one million dollars from the grant to assist non-profits like the Boys and Girls Club and CASA. The money from the grant helps fund these programs, but if President Trump's proposed budget is approved Jordan said the city will no longer receive the money.

"We are not their only source of funding, but in many cases we are one of their larger sources of revenue," Jordan explained.

She said their mission now is to figure out what to do if the budget plan is approved. She said the community is going to have to make a decision on what programs are the most important to them.

"All of them are worthwhile in our opinion. Those funds from the grant make those programs a reality and our administration will have to figure out the best way to support them," Jordan said.

She's hopeful when the senate and congress look over the proposed budget they will recognize how important this grant is to many communities.

"I'm hopeful in the final analysis these funds will be restored to their levels, but we will be prepared either way", Jordan explained.

Jordan said in the past 15 years or so this grant fund has been as high as two million dollars, but it has continued to decline over the years.