Hollywood Fire Department holds a mock DUI crash simulation

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. - The scene was a head on collision. One vehicle caught fire and the other ejected passengers.

"It's just to show them. If it'll save a life, showing people to not drink and drive, we'll do it however many times it'll take to do it. We try to make it as realistic as we can," said Fire Chief Patrick Allen of the Hollywood Fire Department.

The scene was to show what could happen if you chose to drink and drive.

"Most of them are underage, don't need to be drinking, but drink responsible is what this is all about. Showing everybody that it can happen to anybody," said Allen.

"Plus another thing, it's about is not wearing your seat belt. You need to be wearing your seat belt too. You can be ejected in no time when a vehicle flips."

Not only did they talk about the dangers of drinking and driving, but texting and driving. Distracted driving kills thousands of people every year.

"Think smart before you do. Keep your eyes on the road. Pull over and text or if you have to call, whatever, pull over into a parking lot," said Allen.

So before you pick up a phone or decide to drink one too many beers, remember this.

"The fire and ambulance don't come that quick. Like the coroner said earlier, you more than likely will be in a rural area. It'll take 15 to 20, 30 minutes for someone to get there to help you if someone finds you, especially if it's late at night."

Be safe and think twice.