The oldest man in Alabama turns 104 on Sunday

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BOAZ, Ala. – “I was born in 1913, so I’ll be four years over a hundred.”

Clarence Rutherford will turn 104 on Sunday.

“The governor says I’m the oldest one in the state of Alabama and there’s one man younger than me and he’s a year behind me,” said Rutherford.

He goes to every paint session hosted at the community and his love for painting goes way back. “When I started out young, I painted people’s rooms for three dollars.”

Which he says is a lot easier than painting Mickey Mouse. “It’s doesn’t look like it’s suppose to. I’m disappointed for that.”

Mr. Rutherford says it’s a blessing to be here today, because no one in his family lived this long.

He said it feels good to have people around him celebrating. “It’s nice. I like that. I’m paying more attention to the picture and I’m forgetting about the people,” says Rutherford.

Courtney Kinneman, the owner of the Peaputs and Wahoos Art School, met Mr. Rutherford back in October.

“He was telling me, ‘I’m 103 and I’ll be 104 next March’. I told him well we’ll have a special day for you,” says Kinneman.

Courtney even invites the children from her program to help with the sessions.

“Things like this, it means the world to them. I think even if they weren’t painting.. if they were just sitting there talking and having that interaction.”

Before we left the paint party, we tried to get Mr. Rutherford to reveal his secret for long life. “Well I don’t know. That I can’t answer.”

If you’re interested in helping with the paint sessions, you an contact Peaputs and Wahoos.