Spring is here and so is Kitten season causing some people to stress

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Spring is a time many look forward to every year, but it's also kitten season. "I was driving to work this morning thinking about the theme from Jaws, because they're coming," Huntsville Animal Services Director Karen Sheppard said.

She said this time of year up until Christmas there are tons of kittens born. "There are a lot of reasons why we end up with many kittens. Cats are loved by Americans and everyone's family wants a kitten it seems. Also cats can have two to three litters a year, so they are like rabbits, so they have lots of babies, so it can be a problem," Sheppard said.

In 2016 Huntsville Animal Services received 2,000 kittens and cats. Sheppard said 95% of them were saved.

But the anxiety has come back for Sheppard because it's kitten season. The shelter is urging people to get their cats spayed. "If you adopt a kitten from any shelter or a cat, guess what it's already spayed and neutered so we don't have to worry about reproducing," Sheppard said.

She said community cats can also be a problem. "A lot of times, cats they can live a little bit with humans and on the wild side and they end up being a cat you feed but it's not really my cat," Sheppard said.

She said they offer a special rate to people who bring community cats in to be fixed. Sheppard hopes people really take fixing their cat seriously so this won't be a time of stress each time.

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