“Make somebody smile” – Albertville Middle School students put uplifting messages on each student’s locker

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. -- A group of young people haven't stepped into a high school yet, but already, they know a lesson some adults never learn and they hope to make it spread.

Albertville Middle School had a different look to it Friday morning. On each locker, a colored heart was front and center. Each one - 1,500 of them - had a message on it. "Life's a journey, not a race," Ella Kate Jones read, "Pray it out."

"Everybody deserves a sweet message in the morning," she added.

Jones and Sophie - Elle Garrett were two of the young ladies who helped make it happen. "We wrote some larger ones and then we wrote some smaller ones, and they both can mean the same thing to somebody," Jones said. The verses ranged from inspirational quotes, to Bible verses, to uplifting sayings.

"We wanted them to see visually what God tells us daily," added Garrett.

The girls are part of a student - led Bible study group, and together, they had an idea. "Just something to make somebody smile for a day," Jones said.

The group spent hours making the hearts, and went after school Thursday to put them up so it would be a surprise Friday morning. They even made hearts for the lunch staff, complete with their names.

"One girl, she had actually been bullied lately, and she came up to me and she said, 'my heart said you're important and that's the biggest thing I've been trying to get God to tell me lately'," Garrett said.

The hearts were put up at random, and the girls say they felt that was how it was supposed to go. "You never know what someone is going through," Jones said.

The group wants the idea to spread to others.  "There's still hope in the world. Because we see all bad and that's all we ever see, and we want them to say, oh, there's actually still good in the world and we can make a difference," Garrett said.

An act of kindness the group hopes will spread. "Changing one person can lead to another person, and it goes from there," Garrett added.