Fort Payne City Council will present new logging ordinance on Tuesday

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. – “We went through several public meetings and had quite a bit public comment,” said Councilman Wade Hill.

It’s a battle between residents and loggers. Finding a balance remains a struggle.

“We’ve tried to get in the middle of the road here and protect everybody as much as we can and do what we set out to do. Which was basically protect the city,” said Councilman Hill.

After three different revisions, they finally finished a working copy.

“If everybody’s satisfied that that’s the best product that we can put out then that will come out for vote.”

The ordinance defines logging, defines what is considered a slope, and places restrictions in regards to tree size.

“That’s the way that we as a group decided would be the most beneficial way to protect our environment and the scenery and the mountain and the slope area,” said Councilman Hill.

They hope this new draft of the ordinance is something that everyone can agree on.

“It protects the city and it still gives the property owner the ability to get the larger timber off their property.”

The vote on the new logging ordinance will take place on Tuesday’s council meeting at noon.