City-wide cleanup set for Saturday in Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. -- It’s disturbing, but it happens none the less. Litter is scattered across the roadways no matter where you go. On Saturday, volunteers are hitting the streets in Florence to clean them up.

Stop on the side of a highway. If you see one empty can, you might see a dozen.

Rachel Mansell, Florence Recycling

“Litter does happen and sometimes it blows out of the back of trucks or on purpose, both ways,” explained Rachel Mansell with Florence Recycling. “But we do need to keep it clean, it goes into our waterways, it washes down when it rains. But we just need to get out there and clean it up.”

Mansell is helping organize city-wide cleanup efforts on Saturday. Their goal is to get trash off the right-of-ways and into garbage bags where it belongs.

“This year we have an extraordinary amount of participation,” Mansell said. “We will have 500 volunteers from 60+ organizations and businesses that are to get out and pick up litter.”

Mansell said it’s about taking pride in a community which deserves to be clean. She hopes the participants gain some insight into the litter problem.

“There’s a big educational component with it, of teaching people not to throw stuff out or to pick stuff up when they see it,” Mansell stated.

And judging from a short section of roadway on Alabama 20, there’s plenty to pick up.

Florence’s city-wide cleanup begins at 8 a.m. Saturday and lasts through noon. Volunteers are to meet at the Florence Coliseum for breakfast and supplies.