Sitting down with Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Matt Akin

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Superintendent Matt Akin is thankful for his new title. He said leading Huntsville City Schools is a dream job.

"It's a good feeling to finally be here," he said.

This week, students are on spring break. But Akin has been hard at work getting to know the central office staff and administrators.

"It's hard to get that time once school starts," he commented.

Akin said a lot goes on in the spring, including graduation, as the school year comes to a close.

He explained his roadmap for the rest of the school year: "I think that supporting teachers and supporting kids, and making sure that as we close school down [for the year] that we are listening to concerns so we can make sure we are developing plans and establishing goals to address those concerns going into next year," he said.

Akin isn't just moving into a new job, he's moving into a new home. His new place is downtown, he said, and he and his wife are excited to enjoy the bustling downtown life in a growing city. Still, he points out their new home is close to the office when duty calls.

Akin knows he must also work with school board members who have clashed in the past. He plans to sit down with each of them this week, starting Thursday.

"We're going to meet, just one-on-one, individual meetings, face-to-face," he said. "And I want that to be a regular routine, because I think that's part of establishing trust and to listen to concerns." He continued, "We need to be communicating regularly. I have written on a sheet in my office, 'communicate, communicate, communicate.' And I think that will be the primary step towards pulling this board [together.]"

Akin told WHNT News 19 the board has passion, and that's something he's proud of.

"In order to harness the passion, you have to talk, and we are starting that process now," he explained.

He said already he can tell he's going to like this job.

"There's so many good things going on, and so I leave work just excited about the things that I've learned and the things we can work on," he explained.