Jackson County Board of Education discusses the possibility of closing Paint Rock Valley School

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - Tears filled the room with just the thought of closing Paint Rock Valley School.

"It's time to let these people know what's going to happen one way or the other," said Superintendent Kevin Dukes.

With 76 students K-12, low number of faculty, little to no athletics and social opportunities; it was suggested that students go elsewhere.

"I do think they going to have a lot more opportunities, which you see in this, if they went to Skyline or Woodville," said Superintendent Dukes.

Some agreed with the idea and others did not. Shadrack McGill is a Paint Rock Valley alum who recently enrolled five of his kids.

"I think there is a lot of effort that could be put in to keeping the school open that hasn't been looked into yet. Legislatures haven't been contacted. I don't think state school board representatives have been contacted," said McGill.

Thursday night's discussion was just an introduction to the idea, but ultimately the board will have to decide.

"If ya'll vote for it to remain open, all I'm going to do is fight for it to be the best that it can be equal to the rest of the schools," said Superintendent Dukes. "If ya'll vote for it to close, it closes but I will not bring Paint Rock Valley up after whatever night we vote on this again."

The board has not decided on when this vote will take place.